Interior Design Ideas http://idea.crimea.ua/ is:
• Design studio with over 7 years of experience
• More than 100 realized projects during last year, which is 6000 square meters
7 professional designers who know how to catch your idea of an ideal interior and implement it in the project design
• Experience and highly specialized knowledge help us to create a comfortable, stylish and exclusive design

Leading designer - Nina Romaniuk is Head of Studio «Interior Design Ideas». Has specialized higher education, more than thirty implemented projects and more than a hundred of developed projects in Ukraine and Russia.  Interior Design Ideas

Designers of the studio «Ideas» constantly improve their knowledge, attend professional exhibitions,

keep trackof innovations in building process and design trends.

Each project leads professional team of designers of studio «Ideas», because without a thorough teamwork you can't get a good result. All realized projects of our studio are exclusive and unique, because each project is developed individually for each person and family, which will be comfortable for them.

«Interior Design Ideas» specializes in the interior design of houses, offices and public buildings, development of working documentation and selection of materials.

Blank walls for a designer are like a fresh leaf for the artist. With our hands you write your own masterpiece. Whether it is modern or classic, Provence or hi-tech, we consider only your desires and will help you choose the palette to express your inner world! To create a masterpiece, you need to determine the style and manner of writing ... or succumb to fleeting muse .. We know all the tools and can hold you in this colorful world of art, the potential is endless ...

Our clients are people successful in their careers and family. They expect a high level of comfort and practicality in interior design. House interior must be stylish, modern and sophisticated. We create exactly such design projects. We understand that our customers are busy people, so we appreciate every minute of your time. We think through all the details of the project: its style and color, decor, selection of finishing materials, we respond immediately to any requests and solve unexpected problems.

Stages of cooperation with the client:
1. The first meeting with the customer helps us to catch his idea of an ideal family hearth, to understand what he needs for a comfortable stay at home. We suggest you review our portfolio, choose the best works that will help determine the style and color of the future interior.
2. The next step - we sign a contract with the customer. It identifies the form of payment, work completion time and other details.
3. Getting Started. Our designer is going to the place to make the measurements of space and prepare detailed plan of the house. Also at this stage, we discuss the wishes of each family member to the interior of a house or apartment, because we want to make it comfortable for everyone.
4. Next, we discuss with the client the possibility of replanning and budget, we consider selection of finishing materials, furniture and decor.
5. Our designers prepare visualization of the design project. For each room we create 3-4 angles, so you can clearly imagine how your interior design would look like.
6. The next step is the preparation of drawings, which will help you to make repairs. The drawings help the construction crew to implement the project quickly and correctly.
7. The last step – commissioning of the design project. You get it in printed form on quality photo paper. In the package with the design project you get also drawings in duplicate. In conclusion we sign the completion report.

about Interior Design Ideas

What advantages do you get working with us?

1. Individual approach to each client helps us to consider all your wishes for the future interior of the house.
2. Our staff consists of the real professionals; each of them has diplomas on Vocational Education and seven years of experience in our studio.
3. Our designer will make free measurement of the house at convenient time.
4. We sign a cooperation agreement, which gives you a guarantee on the quality and time of order execution.
5. We save your budget and rationally distribute means that you want to spend on repairs.
6. We prepare the design project in such a way that it could be realized minimum on 99 %.
7. We undertake resolve of certain issues in the construction process saving your time and hassle.
8. Throughout the process of creating the design project and its implementation we adjust our meetings at your schedule.

Of course, we also have some drawbacks, because we are not the ideal we only go towards it. We know our weaknesses and work hard to turn them into advantages.
1. We do not work with unprofessional construction teams but only with professionals. We will never agree to carry out the repairs with the people who paste up notices and do not know how to make a cost estimate.
2. In the process of cooperation we do not always meet with the client, sometimes we have to communicate via email and phone, because we know that our customers value their time and are not always able to meet with us.
3. We do not take risks for extraordinary and fashionable interior. We do not dare to plan rooms in violation of norms and rules; we do not use untested materials in interior decoration.
4. We don't have a single style trends and favorite styles - we create a design project solely on the wishes of the customer and not according to our preferences in design.

Our services include:
1. Signing of the contract.
Filling the technical specifications for the development of the design project.
Measurements of space with photos fixation.
2. Draft project.
Defining the concept of style.
Selection of the materials used for the project.
3. Working project.
The final visualization.
All necessary drawings for the project.
4. Repairs.
At customer will we sign an additional agreement on the designers supervision of the project.
Acceptance certificate.

about Interior Design Ideas

about Interior Design Ideas


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