Art parquet

Modern apartment design focuses on the floors finishing. Floors rivet attention to their appearance, texture and material. Art parquet in this regard is a safe-bet. It looks very impressive, gives the room a refined style and sophistication, and sets the tone and smoothes the overall decor of the room. Many different variations of patterns and exclusive design of the art parquet emphasize refined taste of the house owners and create a sense of unobtrusive luxury.

Of course, the main advantage of the art parquet is its naturalness. You can choose the flooring made of oak, ash, larch, bamboo or walnut. Qualitative flooring of such wood will serve you for a long time and no doubt its service will compensate all the costs.

Many people believe that art parquet flooring is suitable only for classic style in the interior design. But our designers can easily dispel this myth. Good professional will help you to inscribe art parquet in modern style, and even in the vanguard or high-tech, and make it in such a way that the floor would complement and enhance the overall finish of the entire premises.

Art parquet usually consists of straight parts for the general floor finishing and rosace and Frisians as decorative elements. Sometimes manufacturers combine monobloques of wooden details to make the process of parquet lying easier and faster. Rosaces are the decorative elements made of valuable timber in the shape of an oval or circle. More often rosaces are the main design accent of the art parquet flooring because they attract attention and allow playing on the contrast with the general parquet flooring and creating necessary visual effects. Usually round rosaces are placed in the centre of the room or zone, oval - at the entrance to the room, rectangular (they are also decorative panels) - at the request of the customer or designer. Friezes or borders are a mosaic of fine wood, lined in a strip of a certain width. With their help designers often decorate the perimeter of the parquet flooring. Such method gives to the flooring a finished appearance and integrity.

Our designers are able to create exclusive creative designs for art parquet using inlay jade and amber. We are ready to offer you unexpected choices of art parquet in combination with marble or tiled floors or self-leveling floors. Tell us your ideas and we will bring them to life! You can see our works in portfolio

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