Minimalism in interior

Simple lines, minimum of decor, plenty of space and high functionality of the interior as a whole – these are the main features of minimalism. It attracts with its finesse and elegance, ease and comfort. Recently, business people, for whom the practical component is on the first place and aesthetics design is on the second, those for whom the order, clarity and simplicity are more important than the pompous décor – these people choose minimalism. It has common features with loft and high-tech, but there is a number of its own features.

minimalist style in interior

Basis of the minimalism style

Minimalist interior style uses only the most necessary elements for the creation of the design. Furniture, decoration of surfaces, decorative elements - everything must be simple, functional, comfortable and practical.

The colors for this style also must be quiet: there is a lot of white, black and gray, game of tones and contrasts. There is a little bit of color accents but they are all thoroughly thought.

Main principle in minimalist interior is to keep a sense of space and freedom, freshness and air in the interior. And there should be a minimum of furniture and accessories. The same applies to walls and decor.

Interior design in the style of minimalism is based on straight lines and simple forms: it is subject to a furniture and lighting. In rooms zoning usually glass partitions and the play of light and texture are used.

minimalism in interior design

Wall decoration in minimalism style

The walls are usually painted in monochrome calm colors, brick work; wood, natural stone are also often applied. Using different textures helps to highlight the areas of the room. They often use two or three shades in the same room.

3D panels, textured plaster and wallpaper for painting look very interesting in minimalism interior design.

Ceiling and floor in minimalist style

Ceiling always is done in white or very light colors. And its design is always simple and clear. You can use tray or stretched ceiling, the main rule is- the ceiling must be without unnecessary decoration and loud colors.

Floor in a minimalist style is usually made of solid wood, laminate or linoleum in imitation of tree. The floor is bright, monochrome and very easy to clean.

minimalism style interior

Lighting in minimalist style

Lighting plays unusually important role in minimalist style. It creates an atmosphere of calm and uneventfulness, helps show the texture of the walls and floor, and also serves as the decor of the room.

Huge windows without curtains and drapes help bring a lot of daylight. Concealed lighting in the room also helps to create diffused lighting. Chandeliers, floor lamps are simple and laconic in their form, functional and practical in their nature. There is a lot of metal and glass shine in the design of lamps.

 minimalism style in interior design

Furniture in minimalist style

As already mentioned, preference should be given to the furniture with simple geometric shapes. High quality and practicality are the criteria of selection. Colors should also be simple and plain. It is important to remember that in the interior in a minimalist style there should be minimum of furniture, but it must be carefully considered and chosen. Glass shelves help separate areas in the room and unite the space.

As for materials - natural wood, leather, glass, metal and plastic prevail. In the kitchen you can use built-in appliances, which help support a minimalist design and avoid unnecessary details.

Designers of Studio Interior Design Ideas are able to create beautiful and practical design projects in a minimalist style. If you are a fan of this design style, we can help bring your ideas to the interior. You can see all our works in the portfolio.


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