Designer Supervision

Creation of the house interior design doesn't end after the transfer of the design project to the customer. Professional studio always performs designer supervision over the implementation of its work. That's why, working with us, you are guaranteed to receive this service. We always responsibly follow the process of construction and are ready to control the project at the right time.

Designer supervision is a stage-by-stage control over the repair of the object and its correction as the work advances. This service helps to eliminate all kinds of mistakes in the course of repair and to conduct an adequate replacement of building materials and find a decent analogue if it is necessary. In addition, the supervision of the design project allows you to stay calm and be sure that you get exactly the dreamed interior.

designer supervision in interior design

Studio Interior Design Ideas offers you to choose one of two variants of the designer supervision over the building process:

  • Planned Supervision – provides creation of the designer visits time-table after the building works started. Usually our designer visits the object once in a week.
  • Designer supervision on demand – a designer visits the object in case of any difficulties or problems.

Designer supervision of the studio Interior Design Ideas includes next package of services:

  • Designer's visits of the object (on schedule - once a week or on demand).
  • Precise control over the implementation of the design project.
  • Making required amendments and additions to the documentation.
  • Correct selection of finish materials in correspondence of price – quality.
  • Consultation with the customer throughout the construction phase.
  • If necessary - an explanation of the drawings and sketches to the builders.
  • Unplanned work (agreed by the parties).
  • Selection of finishing materials on samples of design project, the maximum matching of the color scheme.
  • Control of the textile implementation order (right selection of fabrics, sewing and upholstery of furniture and decorative elements).
  • Interior decoration at the end of the construction phase (selection of decorative items - vases, mirrors, pictures, etc.)


designer supervision interior design


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