Landscaping with cheap materials - it's not about us. Saving at work and materials, plants and details often reduces the quality of the final result. That is why we offer only the elite landscaping.

Our team of specialists - are not only high professionals who know all the engineering and technical components of the design. They are people who really are in love with their work and put their hearts into every project. Our main idea in the landscape design is to create an amazing piece of nature in any even the most mediocre or nondescript place. With the help of amazing plants and architectural forms we have to fill this corner with the sence of the Eden Garden and relaxed atmosphere.

Our services in landscape design include:

  • competent landscape design that meets the style and architecture of the house and all the requirements of the owners,
  • thorough land development: drainage, storm and ground water disposal systems, lighting, irrigation systems,
  • landscape development: laying of tracks, construction of retaining walls, platforms, artificial reservoirs. 

Qualitative landscape design is not just a pretty picture,it has a particular style. We work with any directions, whether it is a classic style, modern, romantic, Japanese or Italian style.

We know that a beautiful, well-kept surrounding area near the house says a lot about the status of its owner. And that is why we are so serious about our work. Wooden and wrought-iron gazebo, beautiful lawn, waterfalls, ornamental gardens, furnished areas for recreation and barbecue - that's only a small part of our landscape designers services.

Work on each project goes with the direct participation of the head of the studio IDEAS, which controls every step of design and implementation. Such a thorough teamwork of professionals allows us to implement all expectations of our clients. 

landscape design by Studio IDEAS


  • Landscape sketch in 3-4 options
  • Measuring Plan
  • Master plan,
  • Gazebo-recreation areas plan (including barbecue)
  • Dendroplan,
  • Layout drawings,
  • Paving plan,
  • Lighting scheme,
  • Irrigation scheme,
  • Sewerage scheme,
  • Communication plan,
  • Landscape visualization.

Each project is calculated individually depending on its content.

Example of a complete set of drawings in the package "Landscape Design" you can see passing by link.


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landscape design by Studio IDEAS