House interior design in Mediterranean style - Davydovka, 80 sq.m.

This is a really extraordinar and original project. Our clients chose mediterranean style because they love to travel over Greece. The color and energy of this country they wanted to reflect in the interior of the house.

Designers task: to create a house interior design in Simferopol in Mediterranean style

What is typical for Mediterranean style? First, it is a classic combination of blue and white colors. The shutters on the windows, doors, furniture should be in deep blue. But the walls have to be made in wattle and daub. It creates a unique sense of naturalness and eco friendly interior.

The next required element is beamed ceilings. It makes the interior bright and unique.

In this house we also worked out the kids room interior design for two children. The room was very bright, with its fabulous and very lively atmosphere. The shelves in the form of small houses, parachutes on the walls and interesting window in the ceiling made ​​the interior of the room magical and even cartoonish.

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