House Interior Design in Irkutsk - 80 sq.m.

Our customers from Irkutsk offered us to develop the interior of the first floor of the house. They wanted to place here a kitchen, dining room, living room and a small greenhouse, where they can rest with a book and a cup of tea.

Designers task: to develop the interior design houses in the style of neoclassicism

There are very high ceilings and large windows in this house, and there is a lot of daylight, all rooms are very light and airy. It is very pleasant and easy to work with such house. Due to the high ceilings we had to consider the original lighting for the living room area. We chose three beautiful and simple chandeliers with long "legs". We placed here comfortable white sofa with a couple of pillows and a small coffee table. The fireplace and soft carpet with long pile add more comfort and warmth to the space. In this room it is very pleasant to listen to the favorite music and to drink a glass of wine under a warm blanket ...

The kitchen is very spacious and light. We wanted to emphasize its light and fresh atmosphere, and that's why we chose a kitchen set of warm pastel shade. Glossy shine cabinets reflect the daylight and make more spacious.Wwe have three levels of lighting for the room: ceiling lights, spotlights and small glass lamps in the dining area.

The interior of the greenhouse is quite simple: there are many pot flowers here. We placed here only two comfortable chairs and soft white carpet. But here we created interesting ceiling design: we made it dark and glossy to highlight this area of the room.


  • fireplace mantelpiece - Oikos Kreos
  • Walls paint: Oikos


  • Tile - Paradyz Bariza Bianco
  • kitchen backsplash - Paradyz Abrila / Purio
  • laminate - Krono original


  • near the sofa: sectodesign
  • Winter Garden: Lussole
  • Bar counter: Zijlstra
  • Lamp over the table: Lussole
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