Design project KEY READY is addressed to those who want to minimize the turmoil and difficulties of the repair. If you want to implement the design project in the interior of your apartment or house in every detail, but not to rush around city shops, not worry about the materials delivery and not to control every foreman's step, KEY READY project is exactly what you need!

It often happens that design project looks beautiful, practical and convenient on paper, but on the phase of implementation complexity begins and it turns the entire repair process into a real nightmare. And all it happens because the process of interior implementation requires considerable effort, professionalism and knowledge. We, just like you, are interested in your interior implementation. But it depends not only on high-quality 3D visualization. It is necessary to carry out the entire process of interior creation from start to finish. And, ideally, the author of the project should guide this process: he sees the ultimate goal and knows how to reach it.

design project key ready by studio IDEAS


The package KEY READY DESIGN PROJECT is a premium service that includes:

  • Works Schedule. Our designer and You create a schedule of construction and finishing works, for you to get a fully finished house within a concrete timeframe.
  • Control for materials delivery. In reality, the entire process of renovation and construction is far from ideal. It requires constant monitoring and communication with a variety of vendors and shops. And the situation when you need to replace the product, return it back or find a new model - happens very often. We are ready to care all these processes ourselves, so you can save not only time and money, but also your nerves.
  • Budget control. Perhaps this is one of the most important aspects of this service. To restrain the expenditures on the interior of your dreams in frames of the budget and under a strict control, you need to trust it to the professionals. At the beginning of the design project creation we make a selection of materials and calculate the cost for the repairs. Then we create a design project, based on the selected materials with which you will see the real design of your home, based on your budget.
  • Accuracy. You will receive a package of drawings based on the chosen furniture and all finishing materials. We do not do vice versa and don't make a selection of materials based on the design concept of the interior.
  • Control of the repair work. We take the control over the construction team and try to eliminate downtime and long pauses, so you can get your design project on time. We guarantee execution of the schedule and monitor the quality of materials and workmanship.

Your benefits: 

We save your time. You do not have to visit building area several times a week, to wander the shops looking for the right tiles, specify delivery terms, spur your foreman building crew.
You get exactly the design project that you have seen on 3D visualization, but not its likeness.
You control the whole process, but are involved in it at minimum.
We embody your ideal interior into reality, and youjust watch its implementation.


  • Interior Design "Authors"
  • Interior complete plan
  • Designer's supervision
  • It costs 15,000 rubles per month, each project is calculated individually.



On average, apartment repairs in Crimea takes 4 months.


Example of a complete set of drawings you can see by clicking on the link.

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