Nowadays the development of the facade design, visualization in 3D, and project drawings are one of the most popular and sought-after services. In the Studio Interior Design IDEAS works special team of professional and experienced exterior designers.

On the site you can order house, cottage, office, restaurant or any public building exterior design.

Exterior is an artistically decorated appearance of the building, ie facade design in the same design style as surrounding areas and its elements: small architectural forms (arbors, benches, fountains, etc.), outbuildings.

Exterior and surrounding grounds must be complete in the same style and look as unified architectural form. One of the important elements of this work - is the lighting. In our Studio we develop not only the day-time version of the exterior, but the visualization of the facade at night, with the help of which you can estimate the design of the facade in different time.


Full set of drawings of the package "Exterior Design" you can find here.


We offer you thoughtful solutions that will meet all your requirements. In our portfolio you can see exterior design projects also.

landscape and exterior design - at night

The price for visualization of the houses exterior starts from 180 rubles / sqm.

The price depends on the complexity and scope of work.

Each project is calculated after studying the specification.

The price for package drawings of the facade starts from 225 rubles / sqm.


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exterior design by Studio IDEAS