This interior is filled with floral prints, light color furniture, air and sun. That is why there is so light and summer atmosphere there. But let us talk about this house in detail.

Our customers are a married couple with three daughters. They asked us to design the interior of a house in Provence style, but with a modern twist, and without busting of decor.

To embody the ideas of our clients, we chose white, blue and beige as the basic of the interior. They make any room full of light and air and according to the science of psychological interior this color combination makes calming effect on human and at the same time gives a charge of vivacity.

In the hallway our designers put a comfortable sofa, which has three built-in storage compartments, hangers and a few baskets for umbrellas and gloves. From the decor there are Roman blinds on the windows and some interesting statues there.

In the lobby there is nt too much furniture there - a comfortable pouf, closet with mirrored doors, dressing table and large mirror. It is enough to make the room really comfortable and at the same time not to overload it with unnecessary furniture. Candles and picture with flowers help bring the spirit of Provence and the interior.

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There are two bathrooms in the house: one for the hosts and the other - for the guests. In both of them colors are quite restrained and calm. Grey, white and cream colors give the rooms a relaxed mood. Brass color mixers, forged shelves and candles make the interior truly luxurious and elegant.

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The family has three girls, and for each of them parents wanted to arrange a cozy, elegant and especial kids room. After all, the interior should not only reflect the interests of the child, but also to educate the taste. Of course, each child is unique and inimitable. But at the same time it was very important to maintain a balance and to create for every girl equally favorable conditions.

In these rooms we used white furniture. The walls were also painted in white, because the rooms themselves are not too big and we wanted to add them air and space. To make the interior look brighter, we have added interesting accessories: pictures with flowers, colorful pillows, cute statuettes.

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Living room and kitchen were fullfilled in warm colors - beige, coffee and cream shades dominate here. We found a great option of refrigerator and microwave, which perfectly fit into the style of French Country. We also made the stone portal for hoods and decorated kitchen back splash with mosaic tile. In the dining area the atmosphere is really festive  because of expensive fabric curtains from ceillings to the floor and extraordinary massive chandelier with candlesticks.

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