What could be better the rest by the sea? Only the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of the sea all year round! That is what our customers decided and ordered apartment interior in a nautical style.

The task of the designers:
  1. Design a kitchen living room in beach-style
  2. Elaborate the system of smart storage in the kitchen and living room
  3. Create bathroom and dressing room interior with smart system of storage

Creating marine interior it is very important to choose the right color palette. For this living room we chose the color of the sand, blue and white. Rich chocolate color worked well as the contrast - it gave the room more comfort and softness. Our designers have thought throught the decor of the room: in the kitchen it is a bright back splash - skinali, in the living room - fireplace, a picture with the sea view and a whole collection of seashells, candles and lanterns.

There is a small bar and a couple of soft chairs on the balcony - there will be a pleasure to drink morning coffee and watch the city waking up.

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We have chosen a simple and light colors for bathroom - it is made in blue, white and sand shades. Tile with seascape creates the right mood, and the laconic furniture allows us to properly dispose of the area and not to overload the room.

Our designers worked over the hallway and staircase space. To add more space to it, we used beautiful wallpapers with ocean views. Under te stairs we have arranged a home office with a large desk made of dark wood and soft sofa.

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Bedroom looks really luxury, but it's also very resered. We used a minimum of furniture: bed, spacious wardrobe, an armchair and a small chest of drawers. This furniture is enough to create a cozy and comfortable space. A crystal chandelier and a large mirror in a massive frame add splendor and elegance .

Small living room greatly benefited from a properly used urban landscape, which decorates the cabinet - it gives the room an additional perspective and creates a feeling of space. In this interior our designers have played with texture - brick walls, soft carpet, wood floors - a combination of these elements contributes to the appearance of room for more comfort and style.

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