We create interior design projects for apartments, houses, cottages, offices, restaurants, cafes and boutiques

  • Many design studios don't write the real price of their services. Unfortunately, we do not know the reason. We are not satisfied with this state of affairs.
  • We appreciate time - both Yours and our, so we offer several packages with different price categories.
  • You can have a look on every our package and our portfolio to compare our prices with competitive offerings. Only after this you will be ready to decide - whether we suit one another.
  • Optimized, efficient work of the studio allows us not to waste time on unnecessary operations, so the cost is almost the same for one type of service.
  • We have repeatedly solved numerous problems and know how much it will take time and resources. 
Type of Services
STANDARD price - $16 / sq.m.
price $24 / sq.m. 
PREMIUMprice $32 / sq.m. 
  • Premises measurement
  • Terms of reference
  • Planning solution (2-3 options)
  • Concept of the interior (in form of collage)
  • 3D Sketches
  • 3D Visualisation
  • Working drawings for builders
  • Recommendations for design project
  • Selection of materials, furniture and equipment
  • Specification of the materials used in the project
  • Bill of materials, furniture and equipment


There are special bonuses for the projects with area more than 250 sq m and for corporate clients!

  • Create personalized, high quality project that meets all the requirements of the client, make it comfortable to live in, while not spending extra money.
  • Carry out repairs, implementing the project. The seven-years experience helps us to cope with the tasks of different complexity.
Proof of our professionalism:
  • Our projects - are not just a set of beautiful pictures and well-designed solutions. We always know where and what you can buy and how much it costs roughly. We do not create design projects that are impossible to implement.
  • Each project is carried by not one designer but a whole team of specialists. This approach provides the ability to perform tasks that are beyond the power of one person. We strive to implement projects quickly, while maintaining quality.
  • Studio IDEAS has designed more than 15,000 m2.
  • Our track record includes more than 300 design projects - in Russia and abroad.
  • We follow all the latest developments in the interior design sphere and on the market of finishing and building materials. In our projects we use only the best of them.
  • We do not do re-planning with violation of the rules, we do not try to circumvent the law somehow. We only offer conformable and implementable solutions.


Every interior design project is an amazing story that we experience together with you!

Why You should choose us?


We guarantee that all options we propose are realisable and technically correct.



Absence of alterations and wrong order of the materials.


You can always contact us for any questions.


We take care of communication with the builders, ordering and tracking of materials and equipment deliveries.


You can get more accurate estimate from the builders basing on the design project documentation.


You can get more accurate estimate from the builders basing on the design project documentation.


In our Studio work only true experts. Interior desig is not just our job, but life passion


We do not choose the most expensive materials, in the process of the selection of materials and equipment we consider your budget.


We do not impose you "our favorite style". We work basing on your wishes.


We do not do a lot of unnecessary layouts, but only quality-designed solutions.


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