This apartment is a real piece of modern style: bright, sophisticated and elegant. Our customers from Sevastopol wanted to take maximum advantage of their home, including high ceilings. That is why we decided to create a second level bedroom. 

Task of the designers:

  • to create two versions of living room and bathroom visualisation in warm and cold colors,
  • consider the interior of the kitchen with extra cupboards,
  • think thoroughly the storage system in the hallway.

We initially chose two completely opposite accent color: bright blue and deep yellow. To preserve a sense of air and space we used white and cofffee shades as basic. Metal and glossy details added more light to the interior.

3D panel headboard and seascapes became the main decoration of the master bedroom. Window in the ceiling, lights on the perimeter and unusual lamps helped create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

Number of photos: 32


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