Mediterranean style in apartment interior design 

Our masters really love to tell a lot about this design project because it was very interesting to work on it. Our clients are the young family that likes travelling around the world. One of their favorite countries is Greece. Our clients wanted to reflect their love to Hellas coloring in the interior of their flat and that's why we chose Mediterranean style of the interior design. It's main features are wooden beams on the ceiling, wattle and daub on the walls, doors painted in blue, arches between rooms and lots of natural materials. Such style attracts not only with its heartfulness but with its eco-friendly interior too. For our clients it was extremely important to use natural materials in their apartment finishing because they had a small daughter.

The apartment of 70 square meters has three rooms: kitchen-living-room, bedroom and kids room. In addition there is a terrace, where we put armchairs and a green palm tree. It is very pleasant to drink morning coffee and watch the city waking up!

The soul of the apartment is the living room-kitchen. This room is central – here the whole family gathers and meets with friends. We tried to beat this space so that it was not only beautiful, but also the very comfortable. Of course, the main role in the interior of the room plays the fire zone. Comfortable sofa and armchairs, beautiful wall shelves and a projector for viewing family comedies - everything here is made for the rest and comfort. Dining area is located at the window; there is a lot of light and air here. Beautiful wooden table and chairs, shutters on the windows and light satin curtains make the ambiance relaxed and easy. We picked aged white furniture and warm lighting for the kitchen.

The bedroom interior is also designed in the Mediterranean style: arch at the head of the bed, blue and white shutters and built-in wardrobe - everything here reminds about the Greek houses and the spirit of this country. The room is small enough, and that's why we didn't clutter it up with excess furniture and used only to the necessary minimum: a simple and concise bed, wardrobe and a small bedside table.

For a kids room we picked up a fabulous theme – we tried to make it interesting and fun for a child to spend time in her own little fantasy world. Geese swans on the ceiling, wooden birdhouses on the walls and beautiful buckets for toys made the room really cheerful and lively. In addition, we made the kids room interior maximally safe: we used breathable wallpaper, natural wood flooring and chose a comfortable table - everything is done with care for the little girl.
In the magazine "Home & Family" was published special article about this kids room interior and we are very pleasant that the editors of this magazine recognized our efforts.


Kids room:

  • wallpaper - wall vision group
  • Fixtures: eglo,
  • Furniture: Absolut, Country Corner


  • Tile: Almera, Paradis, Progres
  • plumbing: Art Ceram, Grohe, Roka
  • Lamps: L'Ate Luce, Massive


  • Tile: Peronda


  • Fixtures: IMAS, Axo Light,

Living room:

  • Fixtures: IMAS, Maggi Massimo
  • Furniture: Doimo Salotti, Dialma Brown
Number of photos: 24