Right floor cover in the room will help to create a warm, cozy atmosphere and make sense of additional comfort to the room. Laminate is very popular among the large variety of flooring variants. It is a compound of fiberboards and a layer of paper with the image (more often wood imitation), on top this panel is covered with a protective layer of melamine or acrylic and special coating. Further, this whole set is being compressed and in such a way we get a rugged, compact and durable material.

Nowadays there are different types of laminate on the market and it gives us a wide open spave for design ideas. Different versions and colors, wood, parquet, natural stone, marble, granite or ceramic imitation enable the professional designer to create a unique atmosphere in each room. Recent trends in the design world advice to use laminate of bright colors with original drawings and designs. Also glossy surface laminate is very popular today.

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How to choose laminate flooring?

Choosing laminate is a quite responsible task. Numerous types, manufacturers and models of this covering make this task even harder. But thanks to a few basic rules you can cope with this mission on hundred per-cents.
1. It is better to choose laminate of those brands that are represented on the site of the Association of European Producers of Laminate Flooring. This will allow you to be confident in the quality of the product.
2. Laminate coating thickness should be not less than 7 -8mm. Such measures can ensure good wear resistance and thermal conductivity. Remember that the thinner is the laminate panel - more sensitive is the stress on it. But at the same time, the thicker is the board - the lower is the thermal conductivity and the more heat you will need on its heating. A thickness 7-8mm is the golden mean, which allows you to balance these characteristics.
3. Pay attention to the density of the laminated boards, because the higher it is - the more reliable floor you will get. Minimum density is 850 kg/m3.
4. Load class of the panel has to be at least 32.

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Why you have to choose laminate? - Because it has a list of positive characteristics. Let's name some of them.

Advantages of laminate using:
• High-quality laminate flooring is resistant to stress and has high durability. It is not afraid of scratches, heels, your dog's claws or rearranging furniture.
• Unlike linoleum, laminate coating is characterized by high flame resistance: switched on heater or fallen cigarette will not leave any trace on it.
• Laminate floor is easy to care – simple wet cleaning is enough to keep it clean. Doesn't need to be polished.
• Safety. Laminate is an eco-friendly material, does not create chemical fumes, does not contain harmful substances and is ideal for children's rooms. Does not cause allergies.
• Laminate flooring is easy and quickly to fix, fits almost any surface: wood flooring, linoleum flooring, under floor heating, etc.
• The life of this floor covering is up to 10 years under normal use.
• And of course the economy - laminate flooring is much cheaper than parquet in cost but perfectly replaces its quality.

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