Design Studio IDEAS worked out a service package "DEIGN PROJECT ONLINE": in such a way we make apartment,  home, cottage or office iterior design, landscaping and exterior design.

You will receive a professionally made design project quickly and efficiently. One of the advantages of this proposal is that it saves your time and money. We remotely realized a variety of projects in Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Germany and Europe.

We are always in touch with you anywhere in the world! We communicate with clients via SKYPE, VIBER, EMAIL, WHATSAPP etc.

You follow each step of the project in real time. This allows you to monitor the performance of work and make your adjustments directly in the process of the design.

online design project


  • Short terms of realization,
  • You save time on visits to the designer,
  • You can always contact us online and solve all the questions.
  • You get the same level of quality and professionalism of our designers. 




  1. Interior design online: a team of specialists in the shortest possible time prepares a complete package of documents and drawings for your project, creates high-quality 3D visualization of the interior, is working on all the details, depending on customer requirements.
  2. Online object replanning: you want to make some alterations of your apartment or house, but do not know the legal requirements? Our designers can decide the matter in accordance with all rules of construction standards.


Interior Collage online: if you just want to develop general vision of the interior, and to work on the details by yourself, the service of collage - it is just what you need! The designers team will develop several versions of the interior concept, plan of possible redevelopment of rooms and furniture placement.

  1. Online consultations: Our professional designer will tell you which color is better to choose for your interior, how to arrange the furniture and do the right alterations.
  2. 3D visualization online: We create a detailed visualization of the future interior due to your requirements and budget. For each room we make 2-4 angles, this will allow you realistically see how would your interior look like in the future and implement it to the smallest detail.
  3. Landscape design online: we work on the design of your garden, create a harmonious appearance, which will fit your home. Our experts work on the irrigation system, lighting, drainage device. We will develop a recreation area, pergolas, artificial ponds, etc. And all this we can do online!
  4. Online exterior design: We phave gathered an experienced team of professionals who will develop the external appearance of your home. They think out the design of the facade, adjacent areas, utility rooms. And they do really do it masterfully, all items will be made in general style and high quality.


  1. Price of the remote design starts from $20 per m2

    We give special bonuses for the objects with an area over 300 m2 and for corporate clients!

    The example of a complete set of drawings from Studio IDEAS You'll find clicking the link.

     See our projects, done online by the link: REMOTE INTERIOR DESIGN

remote design project


Cooperation and payments are made in three stages:

Stage 1- 40% of the total project cost

Discussion of the draft. We study object plan, photos, measures and clear all the issues.
Preparation and approval of measured drawings.
Filling out the terms of reference for the development of the project design.
Conclusion of the contract.
Preparation of a redevelopment plan and furniture arrangement plan, their discussion and approval.
Selection of materials in the form of a collage. Collage discussion and approval. Based on the selected materials and the approved plan we proceed to the second stage.

Stage 2 - 40% of the total project cost

Creating a 3D visualization of each room. If required, we make some amendments and changes to the visualization. (Not more than 2 revisions)

Adoption of the final visualization

Stage 3 - 20% of the total project cost

Creating a working documentation for the design project, namely:

  • Measuring plan
  • Disassembly and assembly plan
  • Redevelopment plan
  • Explication of the premises: 

The plan of furniture arrangement

  1. Ceiling and cuts plan
  2. Lighting layout 
  3. Plan of switches with reference to lighting and equipment
  4. Sockets plan 
  5. Scheme of door opening
  6. Floor plan
  7. Walls and gypsus constructions drawing
  8. Toilet plan with tile layout
  9. Kitchen furniture drawing
  10. Conditioners accommodation plan
  11. Warm floor plan
  12. Wet areas plan
  13. 3D visualization of all rooms (2-4 angles for every room)
  14. Specification of furniture, fixtures and materials

Basic selection of materials. (The calculation of the materials and finishing materials cost is not provided in this package. You can do it by yourself using working documents, articles and links to the factory site).

An example of a package of drawings, you can look at our website


1) You can send the plan in any convenient form, most importantly, do not forget to specify all measures and heights (ceiling, windows, doors). It can be drawn by hand, drawing plan or architectural design.

2) Fill in the Terms of Reference with regards to each of the areas of functionality.

3) Make a small selection of interiors that you are interested in, so we can understand what you like and in what direction to work.

4) Send us premises photos for us to see how they look like right now.

online interior design creation


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