Living room interior design in the house - Simferopol, Geologicheskaya St., 50sq.m.

At this time, we were offered to design the living room interior design in the big house. Since the overall style of the house was classical, we created the design project of the room in the same direction.

Designers task: to design the living room interior in the house in the classical style.

The area of the living room is very large and spacious, so it was reasonable to divide it into several zones. The first zone - near the fireplace. We have emphasized it by raising the floor and original ceiling design. Of course, the fireplace has become a central element and we added here only a pair of comfortable white chairs. Now our clients can drink a glass of wine watching the fire burning. 

Next area is the sitting area. Here we arranged the coffee table and large white sofa, where the whole family and guests can sit in comfort. If we talk about the decorative elements of the room.

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