The first thing that catches the eye in the interior of this house is high ceilings and windows. Our clients wanted to emphasize this when ordering their house design in the Crimea. 

The task of the designers:
  1. Make a living room in a contemporary style
  2. Set a dining area as a separate zone
  3. Create kitchen interior in minimalist style

Nothing underscores the high ceiling, as the spectacular chandelier. And we found such one - with mirrored lamps on the long stalks that reflect light, patches of sunlight fill the room and visually pull the room even higher. We found a similar floor lamp, and together with te chandelier they create a beautiful  blowing. Long curtains frame the windows and turn the landscape behind the glass in a beautiful picture. The furniture in the room is quite simple - here we focused on comfort and convenience.
Wood plays a major role in the kitchen. It creates a warm atmsphere, high-gloss finish makes the room visually larger and more spacious. And metal parts are in harmony with the interior of the living room.

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There are two children in the family, and each of them needs his personal space. That is why parents decided to create persoal kids room for every child and separate playroom where kids can freely run and frolic. Although the kids rooms are quite small, due to the laconic furniture and bright colors they look very airy and comfortable. Each room has a comfortable desk, a wardrobe and shelves for books. So it is a pleasure to engage in lessons and rest here. Children may play pirates together with friends, or draw on a huge chalkboard in the game room - its area is much bigger and all the conditions in the room are maid for active games: from sports corner, to the colorful table for creativity.

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The bedroom is made in a minimalist style. There is simple in form, but very comfortable furniture here. White ceilings and light-colored curtains make the room visually higher and juicy green gives it more energy and freshness. The room has no extra cabinets for storage of clothes because we have allocated a separate dressing room.

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The house has two bathrooms - male and female. The first one is made in more discreet and calm colors - blue, gray and white. And the second bathroom is more gentle and soft thanks to pink, brown and cream. There is a separate laundry room with lots of cabinets and shelves.

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Our designers have thought to details the hallway interior. To make room visually longer, we used graphics pattern on the floor, mirrored cabinet doors add more space to the interior. Deep Grey in combination with a yellow is the last trend of this year and it makes the room look stylish and bright.

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