Wooden house interior design in Moscow

In was the first project wherewe created the interior of the wooden house. it was very interesting experience and task for us. Today,such wooden houses are not the Russian hut with samovars and boots. They have become much more elegant and refined. But they preserved the charm and warmth of natural wood.

Designers task: to develop the interior of a wooden house in the modern neoclassical style

We tried to make this house look modern and at the same time cozy and stylish. All the beauty of the the wood we accentuated playing on contrast with brick wall - such tecnique helped to avoid the effect of "hut". The rooms look very modern and elegant. The cabinet in finished in standard business style. The bedrooms interior became very different in character. The first one is concise and simple, and the second one is more refined and feminine. And even the kids room interior in this wooden house looks very modern and vibrant, as a room of true fabulous little princess.


Number of photos: 18


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